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Thread: Chinese actions in the South China Seas

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABs_OOE View Post
    He doesn't follow history very well. Of all the nuclear confrontations between the US and the USSR, it was Moscow, not Washington DC who backed down.
    Hypothetical was my idea. Not Michael. I wanted to push your blockade idea some.

    The US will not be suckered into someone else's territorial dispute. The US will defend its vital sea trade lanes.
    Then there will be no blockade. FONOPS to continue as usual should China try to enforce an EEZ around the islands.

    He's ok if China with a defense budget of $200 billion has only one Senkaku to show for it : D

    But it stops there.

    He's not against a military response so blockade could be on the table but wants extra options

    The current conflict with Iran should serve as the example. Trump is ready to bomb Iran. It was others who talked him out of it when intel could not confirm it was the Iranians who planted those mines.
    Trump has been consistent there like with NK

    Michael is referring here to Trump's first order questioning of the value of alliances. eg. NATO expansion or defending islands.

    The questions are fine just that they need to not be voiced in public otherwise it gives opponents the wrong idea.
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