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Thread: Great Wired article on the June 27th, 2017 cyberattack

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    Great Wired article on the June 27th, 2017 cyberattack

    Told from the viewpoint of mostly how it wiped out Maersk's global operations for a few weeks.


    -Culprit was a small Ukrainian tax software app. (think TurboTax for Ukrainians)
    -If we ever get a real hot war, the global computerized system and economy is going down almost immediately.
    -The story of what happened in Elizabeth, N.J. and the guy in Ukraine wondering if he had enough gas to get home since he couldn't use the gas pump, I can't speak for other countries but the American system of everyday life is not built to have a safeguard if the computers go down.

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    Reminds me of the story of how Stuxnet corrupted centrifuges of Iranian nuclear facilities. The NSA leak of some of their tools is, IMO, the biggest breach ever, as rivals are using some of those to hit back, be it for political or corporate espionage. Overall, a good read.
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