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There were some good units like the Talinin Guards or some airborne and spetznaz units but by and large the bulk wasn't much better than the Chinese. They lost pitched battles against the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan despite overwhelming superiority in armor, air support and artillery. The war may well have devolved into something like Iran-Iraq.
Really not a fair comparison at all. Both Chechnya and Afghanistan were at best battalion level engagements. When the Soviets massed regimental or larger, they achieved their objectives with relative ease. In those battles that the Soviet Army lost in Afghanistan, they were company garrisons or platoon houses being swamped by Mujahadeen numbers hugging the Soviets negating Soviet superior firepower that when employed friendly fire did more damage than the Mujahadeen did.

This would be a far cry from any Soviet-Sino conflict where the battle would be at the Army and Front level. There is no doubt that a battle would be fought at Lop Nor. 4 Chinese armies would clash with the Soviet 58th. Lop Nor is not a city. It's a nuclear weapons base and that means open spaces and lots and lots of maneuver room.

Considering the fact that the Chinese were shocked by the Kuwait War in how advanced military technique and technology had surpassed them, the PLA did not even have the Generals to even comptemplate a successful defence of Lop Nor.

And again, if the Chinese lose Lop Nor, the Soviets would have divided China in half.