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Was riding an express bus home from downtown St. Paul the other day.

Saw a girl across from me reading a book on a Kindle, and she had a smartwatch on.

Meanwhile, I was reading Poul Anderson's Starship, which I found in the free book pile in the main building at the county dump, after I'd dumped a bunch of garbage into the compactor.

My book was free, and when I've finished it, I'll leave it in one of those free book stands a lot of people keep next to their mailboxes nowadays.

I don't have to plugin my book to charge its battery, or worry about it getting deleted, or the platform becoming obsolete, or getting a cracked screen, or anything else that can go wrong with a Kindle. And unlike with a Kindle, somebody else gets to read it when I'm done with it.

I'm wearing a Casio Men's W800H-1AV.

My watch:

  • tells me what day of the week it is
  • tells me the date, month, and year
  • tells me what time it is, to the hours, minutes, and seconds
  • with the press of a button, goes from 12h to 24h
  • can have two time zones programmed
  • has an alarm
  • has an LED light button to see the time at night
  • has been configured to be within a tenth of a second accurate to atomic clock time
  • 10-year battery life, water-resistant to 100m
  • cost $20 ($2 per year)

I don't know about everybody else, but I'll take Poul Anderson's Starship (free from the county dump) and a $20 Casio digital watch over a Kindle and smartwatch.
No .

Don't know about the smart watch but I much prefer my tablet (not Kindle) over a book.

You lug a book around and thats all you can read, or carry more bulky books with you.
My TAB-3 has over 300 books downloaded on it. And probably 3/4 of them were free. There are many online legal places that offer free books to download.

The big advantage for me is all my reference books. I can zoom in on a picture/diagram with a movement of my finger.

And when I get tired of reading or read something interesting that I want to know more about, My tablet has chrome installed and various other apps (weather, world time zone clock, an office suite, camera) so that I can do something productive while waiting.
Or i can just play Bubble Witch.

Bought mine in 2014 haven't looked back.

The best one concerning books is, In Florida you are suppose to have the relevant code books on the job site. What use to be a big stack of space eating stuff, and making sure I had what the building inspector would want to see is now just a couple of PDF files