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Thread: Old Tech vs New Tech

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    On-board GPS is a damned useful tool for those of us with little sense of direction and no familiarity with the surrounding area. Particularly the updated ones that feed in live traffic information and tell me exactly which lanes to be in when the road is about to diverge. I like to have printed directions, too, but plans change. Maps are always useful but I can't look at them while I am driving and I don't always trust my navigator.

    My current car has a lot of bells and whistles, but the one I like the best is the back-up camera. Just a hell of a lot easier for me than guessing where exactly the back of the car is.

    Overall, though, I hate driving. Living life in a car is just no fun at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GVChamp View Post
    Overall, though, I hate driving. Living life in a car is just no fun at all.
    I've managed to break free of car dependency. Restrict work to metros, and walk, use bicycle sharing ($75/year) for Mpls and St Paul, and for suburbs, use buses, light rail, commuter rail, and as a last resort and only when needed, use Lyft.

    Even the furthest dispatches in the metro, take the express bus to get as close as possible, then hire a Lyft for just the last hop. Overall, far less expensive than car ownership. There's also plenty of time to read my sci-fi books on the buses and trains.

    If there's only rush hour bus service, in the case of outer suburbs, keep occupied enjoying local amenities and relax until evening rush hour bus service starts. Things to do could be catching a movie at a local theater, read a book by the river in a park having brought a bagged lunch, or check out a local restaurant. Many dispatches, depending on how quickly the work gets done, end up being half a day of work, and half a day of vacation.

    Living as close as possible to the city center is a necessity though. This approach would be completely non-viable with a residence in the suburbs. Minneapolis ain't Rome, but all roads in every direction I need to go lead there.

    I actually had my license suspended by the Commonwealth of Virginia for two years. I'd sold my car in Philadelphia, cancelled my car insurance, went to India, returned to the US, then found out some time later the Virginia DMV had the honest, yet mistaken perception I was 1) still living in Virginia for two years after I'd left and 2) that I'd spent two years driving around Virginia as an uninsured motorist.

    After I cleared up the matter, I eventually found myself back in Minneapolis without a car, and decided to just stay car-free.

    I'll eventually get an 80s GM A-Body Sedan and garage it 50 weeks a year in a rural area that is car-friendly, but being practically forced to go car-free due to a bureaucratic mistake was a blessing in disguise.

    On top of two attempted grand theft autos, cops that didn't care, multiple acts of vandalism, tickets, tows, and the sheer expense of keeping and maintaining a vehicle in the city, having gotten my license suspended by a state I didn't live in, for a car I didn't own anymore, for an offense of which I was deemed guilty until proven innocent (uninsured motorist), was the final straw.

    Honestly though, I feel I'm better off for it. Silver linings and all. I also naturally get a lot more exercise being car-free as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironduke View Post
    When I drive long distance, I memorize the highways and roads I need to drive on, the mile/exit numbers, and so on. I get a full tank of gas, clean the windows, headlights/taillights, all fluids checked, tire pressure checked. Then I go into what I call "Autobahn Mode". Precision driving, relying on memorization from the map, no distractions, no cell phone, no screens, 70s/80s rock on the radio, energy drinks (if needed) and my e-cigarette to keep me alert.

    Same here sans the e-cigarette and the only energy drink is a cup of coffee. I think you also rely on where north, south, east and west are when needed. I'm always surprised by how many can't say where those are when plopped down in the middle of somewhere. Always look back at being a Boy Scout and the one thing I learned to use was a compass and reading it.

    However, I can't go car free. Fortunately my office is 15 miles from home and is usually a 25 minute drive. Weekends I don't drive in the west direction which is the "all roads point to San Francisco" direction. Instead get into one of the old cars and head north east to quite two lane highways for a pleasant drive. Took a nice and surprising test drive last night between 8-9 pm in the 73 Dodge. Got tired of the now finicky early Mopar electronic ignition and made up and rewired the car for a GM HEI ignition. Whoa, now we are talking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    I think you also rely on where north, south, east and west are when needed.
    Over here we only put city names that a road leads to on the signs - no such fancy thing as cardinal directions. I do have a map along when i do longer trips (within Europe) by car, but realistically never need it except maybe to figure out how to bypass toll roads.

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