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    Your Fantasy Car

    This can be either the car you currently have, cars that you had, cars that you want, or cars that you had and want to have again.

    My future/past/future again fantasy cars.

    1982 AMC Eagle 4WD
    151 cu in (2.5 L) GM 'Iron Duke' I4 engine

    The last model year with the reverse eponymous 151 cu in (2.5 L) GM Iron Duke I4 engine. I used to own a 1986 Pontiac 6000 LE, and there's something about 80s GM cars and there's something about the Iron Duke engine, that I'm unable to move on from and fixated on.

    While I loved the GM 3800 I had in my 1996 Pontiac Bonneville, and how easy it was to repair it, the simplicity, reliability, and million-mile stamina of a properly maintained Iron Duke in the OG original crossover 4WD AMC Eagle is something I have to have some day.

    Some day, I'll have my 1982 AMC Eagle with the Iron Duke engine. Maybe two, with the second for spare parts.

    My second car, for putting miles on. Save the AMC Eagle for fun.

    1986 Pontiac 6000 LE FWD
    151 cu in (2.5 L) GM 'Iron Duke' I4 engine

    This car survived an attempted theft in 2006, where someone broke my steering column hardware with a screwdriver trying to steal it. It also survived a Mickey's bottle through my back window (replaced with PlexiGlass), two tire blowouts, and several tickets, including a tow ticket+fine for expired license plate registration tabs. I hid my car in an underground parking garage while I paid the bill for the tabs downtown, then fought the ticket and won.

    It also survived an aborted police chase. I was going 95mph around a curve, and trooper turned on his lights and tried to pull off the shoulder to chase me. He got cut off by two semis pulling tractor trailers on the freeway, I went around the curve and took the next off-ramp, dipped into a residential neighborhood, and got away. The cop never had a chance to get on my tail. He tried. If he's not tailing me, I'm sure it's perfectly legal to get away. I have a couple of semi drivers to give my thanks to.

    Finally, the catalytic converter falling off was the last straw. The car sounded like a tank, and I didn't want to get a noise ticket. I sold it for $200 cash to a couple who got towed during a snow emergency. It was cheaper for them to buy my car, than get their even worse condition car from the city impound lot.
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    While I am a certified car fanatic I am no fan of newer cars. I don't like entertainment systems in the center of my console. I don't like the heavy reliance on electronics which will have a shorter life span than the car body itself. Can the electronics last 27 years? I don't like the computer controls of today. If an older car had an issue with timing, for example, the car kept running. Today the car may go into limp mode leaving you stranded. Now cars are going to have GPS in them that can keep track of what. The what is what I don't like. I also prefer a stick in my car. These newer 6 and 8 speed automatics will last how long before there are issues since they are electronically controlled? I was in one that kept shifting back and forth trying to find where it should run. In a stick it would have been third gear. As you can tell I like to keep my cars for the long haul and don't like peripherals that would interfere with that. I also like to do all the mechanical work needed.

    My favorite car would be my first. Bought by my Dad on April 28, 1968 and then by me on Dec. 18, 1969. Then and today. Another favorite was my 1986 Mazda 626 which went 375,000 miles. I loved that car and if around today I would have been better equiped to rebuild it. Consequently a friend gave me his 1991 Mazda 626 Hatchback and in that car I redid everything except the engine which doesn't need it. Those two will be with me till the end of time. The car that replaced my 86 was a 2004 Ford Focus with the larger 2.3L engine and 5 speed. Super quick car with extremely nimble handling just like I like it. Now into the new century and it took me 5 hours to change the pcv hose Saturday after the car went into limp mode briefly. Hose cracked, big vacuum leak, and hidden below intake against engine side. Next time 2 hours and it too will be a car that stays with me.

    With my father having given up driving, at the age of 92, I bought his 2004 Buick Le Sabre off of him. It does have the 3800 engine and best of all 40,000 miles even if an automatic. That means I will not likely buy another newer car for me for the rest of my life. My other cars are a truck because I always wanted a 60's truck and found the first year F-100 twin I beam. There is a Mustang as that was what I wanted at 16 before my father gave me a good deal on his 68 Cougar. The big Mercury because I liked how that floated down the road and that one was an orphan with no buyers in sight after 6 months. The big Dodge because I saw a friends big 1973 Air Resource Board Polara and said I had to have one. Took me three months in 2009 and since then have never seen another for sale out here. This does not count my wife's two cars a 98 Sable wagon and 90 Mazda 626 sedan.
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    The big 1967 Mercury was posted in the thread about Rusty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    While I am a certified car fanatic I am no fan of newer cars. I don't like entertainment systems in the center of my console. I don't like the heavy reliance on electronics which will have a shorter life span than the car body itself.
    I once drove a Fiat Panda 500 - the original 80s version. It had exactly three relais in its entire makeup for electronics: one for turning signals, one for turning all signals on at once and one for the windshield wiper. All easily accessible too as they were right next to the fuse box, above the pedals.

    It also had about the best utilitarian dashboard design i've ever seen:

    Speedo on the left, tank in the middle with simple warning indicator for overheating below. Right side indicators placed on car "map" based on "where the problem is".

    Engines were crap though - regularly gave up permanently after 150,000 km at the latest. Then again, the entire car cost less than an engine for any other car...

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