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I was actually talking about Mueller, though the fact that there is a list of decorated veterans & lifelong public servants who GOP supporters treat worse than Russian spies says something about the sickness nestled deep in US politics right now.
Mueller has been in Dem crosshairs before. Dem support is purely transactional. Look at the comments by them on Comey based on his stance on Clinton v Trump, or the McCain is a crook, (Keating 5) to love McCain, (when he ran against Bush), McCain is a nazi (when he ran against Obama), back to love McCain (now that he is a never trumper. Though I don't see him being treated worse than a Russian spy. BTW, what Russian Spy?

Sorry, should have made it plain I was talking about people who actually won elections. There have been worse Presidents than Trump based on his performance thus far, but very, very few.The levels of chaos are what you would usually expect from the dying days of a disintegrating administration, not the first days of a new one. Personally his behavior before & during is close to being unique, and not for any good reasons.
The economy is better than it has been in years, internationally the strategic ambiguity seems to be working. It worked previously with Ike and Reagan so I am willing to see how it plays out. Politically his court appointees are solid and his rollback of regulation and executive orders was badly needed. When judged by results he has been very effective which is why so many GOPers and many independent are still with him. His popularity is better than Obama's at this point. When judged based on the merits rather than the man there have been few more effective. Trump is only a failure by two standards; 1. personally as he is a cretin and 2. He is not a progressive. Neither of which are fair standards to judge a Republican administration by. He is less of a creeper than Bill Clinton, about on par with JFK. He is doing no worse as an outsider than Carter.