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Thread: Origins of Mythical Creatures and Beings

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter View Post
    I read somewhere that native women, encountering white men for the first time and finding their appearance completely ridiculous, offered them their sexual favors out of sheer gratitude for the comic relief.
    Heh, funny looking Farangs. Pinched, narrow big noses, deep set eyes that shows our skull too much, funny colors of hair, weird eyes that look like dirty water, skin color either makes you look like you're dead/a ghost, or is too clear and the blood/liquor is really showing right through it, son/daughter has different hair/eye color than you, and the locals think your wife must have had an affair.

    I've heard that if you're in the military, and you have red hair, and you do a bad thing in some Asian port city - you're screwed. The locals will always be able to identify you. Brown or blonde hair... they can't tell the difference between you and all the other guys.

    And I suppose a sunburnt, liquored up, wild Farang must come across as some form of "twisted demon monkey" to the more civilized peoples of the East.
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