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We were the barbarians the Arab merchants and missionaries warned everybody about, the savage pale ghosts and sunburnt demons of myth and legend, and one day, these monsters of myth and legend showed up in places such as India, the Orient, the Americas, and Africa. We looted everything we could get our hands on, and settled everywhere temperate that was suitable for us.

The true Western countries (which doesn't include Serbia) remained constantly at war with another, and the purloined wealth from other continents, and the constant warfare, sped technological development in the West even faster.

After World War II, the West, for the most part, took a few "Xanax" and decided not to war so much. This constant state of war ultimately led to Hitler (whose only good act was that he was the man who killed Hitler, got to give credit where credit is due), and nuclear weapons got invented, hence, the reason for taking a proverbial "Xanax".

At our core, I believe Westerners are still savage and barbaric. Westerners typically have lots of money, nice places to live, but go to any European football match and see the hooligans, or to an American inner city, that's where the wars are being fought. In the West, the wars are also being fought in both the bedroom and the boardroom, in divorce courts and via lawsuit. We're still the Farangs, Goths, Lombards, Saxons, and Vikings of ages past, but now we're rich and have nice things.

Because we got the most money and the nicest things, we decided to slap a label on that and call it "civilization".
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I don't 100% agree with the view, but it did absolutely take my noggin for a spin. I too subscribe to the idea that Mutually Assured Destruction was our "Xanax".