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Thread: US Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

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    Any worst than China's demand that any car companies in China must be at least 50% China owned with access to all technologies; including driver AI and fuel cells?

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    That is a different issue dealing with technology transfers and should be handled but handled separately. Right now China doesn't export cars to the U.S. although Ford will be having their Focus built there next year.

    This tariff is supposed to put pressure on Mexico in regards to NAFTA? What it does is increase the cost of American manufacturers cars ie. current Ford Focus. I know of no Mexican car brands. Quick way to kill off what is left of the Ford Focus price wise. All because he wants more American content in them? How is he going to do that given that American content manufacturers have moved much of their factories to Mexico and China. I have 10 cars and order all my own parts and does anyone know how hard it is to find American sourced parts? Well, I know very well. I just had two Four Seasons A/C hoses come in and they were made in China. Motorcraft (Ford) now makes much of their stuff in China/Mexico and I have six Fords. I need to go to eBay to find old NOS American made product many times for basic items like bearings. Fall back is Japan.

    However, since I am not in the market for a new car (never again) this won't affect me there. It will affect anyone else in far higher prices all around. Makes those 3-5 year car loans look quaint now that 6 and 7 are common and could become more common as cars ratchet up in price. If he thinks this is good news for American workers he is nuts. You are not going to increase the cost of a Mercedes enough so the person switches to a Cadillac. Cadillac is a dead man walking because of horrible choices by GM more than competition. American sedans going the way of the Dodo with Ford is not only because buyers want CUVs but also because Ford has given up trying to match Toyota and Honda after all these years. So they decide to cede the market. Good for them although I dislike SUVs/CUVs/Trucks intensely as daily drivers.

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    List of vehicles with at least 75% U.S. parts. A lot of Not "Big 3 " cars n this list
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    Its called Tourist Season. So why can't we shoot them?

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