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Thread: Stone pelting a conspiracy by Pakistan and its agents in Kashmir

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    65 days after lockdown, officials in Valley caution: Don’t call this ‘normal’ | IE | Oct 09 2019

    More than 60 days into the lockdown in the Valley, many officials on the ground, both in the civilian and security establishment, have begun to say that the political imperative, from New Delhi, to sustain an “everything-is-normal” narrative is turning out to be challenging — and could even be counterproductive.
    No dispute on that

    “We used to say that security forces watch the clock while militants have all the time but now it’s the other way around.

    It seems the Government’s strategy is that it has all the time while residents in Jammu and Kashmir can keep a watch on the clock,” said an officer.

    “We aren’t sure how effective this tire-them-down approach will be but what we are sure of is that this is not normalcy and all of us need to accept that.”

    Over a week, The Indian Express spoke with more than a dozen bureaucrats and police officers in Srinagar and in the two South Kashmir districts of Shopian and Pulwama.

    “Delhi thinks if no major incidents have happened so far, things are normal. This hypothesis is wrong,” said a senior bureaucrat who sits in meetings where coordination issues between the civilian administration and the security establishment are resolved.

    “That there have been just two civilian casualties is more due to elaborate planning, preparedness of the establishment and close coordination at the ground level between the civilian government, the Army, CRPF, Border Security Force and the J&K Police,” said another senior official, who also did not wish to be named.

    Said a senior police officer, among the key decision-makers in the Valley: “In many places, locals, of their own volition, do not want to open the shops.”

    According to him, police are tracking five key indicators to make an assessment of militancy suggests these haven’t shown any spikes as they did after the Burhan Wani killing in July 2016:

    Slogan, Flag, Rumours, Intimidation, Posters.

    “When a janaza is lifted, you expect people to cry. But nobody is reacting to a decision which permanently changes the character of J&K – bifurcation, abrogation of Article 370 and doing away with the special dispensation under Article 35A.

    I don’t know what this silence means but to call it peaceful or normal is certainly not accurate,” a top police offer told The Indian Express.

    Another bureaucrat points to how the police is already re-calibrating its formulation.

    “You will hear the Director General of Police saying things are under control. He doesn’t say, it is normal anymore,” the officer notes.

    “A big action was taken on August 5. We don’t know what the reaction will be, and neither do we have any clue on its timing. We cannot be lulled to believe things are normal,” said an officer, reiterating that no big incidents have happened only because of the extreme preventive measures, and a dominating presence of the forces.

    “We had planned for three months – till November 5,” said a senior Army officer, who did not wish to be quoted.
    The mood in this article is more circumspect
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    One month after he posted it but better late than never

    No, they are not the same and if anything the HK situation is a damn side more complicated.

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    An article by Abha Khanna from a year ago, says it all

    Jammu Kashmir: The Deadly Game of Perceptions | JK Now | Sept 11 2018

    The majority in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, including the Kashmir valley, is peace-loving and totally Indian at heart. The tragedy is that no one is talking to them. The historical blunders of political leadership during and after the Partition era are being compounded today.

    Pro-India voices have always been in majority in the state but unfortunately Delhi has always negotiated with separatists working at the behest of anti-India forces.

    It’s regrettable that separatists and terrorists manage to use the nuisance factor in their favor.

    What we are seeing and hearing in news everyday is not the truth, but a cleverly created perception with the help of a biased local media. The common man has been reduced to a silent onlooker, confused and frustrated.

    There’s urgent need to change the discourse in favor of the common people. Despite high voting percentage in almost all elections in Jammu Kashmir, the voter continues to be deprived of the benefits of democracy and governance.
    This is just like Trump talking to the Taliban and ignoring GiROA. The more egregious difference is India kept at it for the better part of two decades (!)

    Have you ever wondered why it is always the youth that is shown as the face of ‘militancy’? Whether it be ‘anti-India’ protests, stone-pelting at security forces or terrorist encounters, the perpetrators are almost always teenagers!

    Separatists have, over the past decades, perfected their hand at the game of perceptions. It is clearly in their interest to create the notion that ‘militancy’ is returning to Kashmir because the people are unhappy.

    If the issues before the local population are so serious, why aren’t the adults out on the streets as well?

    Unfortunately, the mainstream media plays into the hands of separatist strategists, whether wittingly or unwittingly. In any case there are certain media houses which would rather play the devil’s advocate than do positive journalism.
    And these media houses kept at it for years. What a refreshing change the days after Aug 5 have been. No more breakfast meetings with Farouk now.

    Local Kashmiris are themselves unhappy with this situation. In fact those who can afford it prefer to send their children out of the state to study, with the express purpose of keeping them away from such disruptive influences.

    In each and every case where a youth has left home to join a terrorist group, he has not done it with his parent’s approval. He just leaves the house without telling anyone, sometimes leaving behind a letter. The family tries its best to trace their son and bring him back, but he’s already in dangerous territory from where there’s no coming back.

    On the other hand, stone pelting had been consciously developed into a profession during the 2008-10 unrest. Youngsters were known to get paid as much as 500 rupees per day for pelting stones. Even today youngsters of certain areas, such as Pattan, are known for their ‘expertise’ in stone-pelting.

    While there’s still some money to be made in this ‘profession’, it has also turned into a favorite pastime for restive youth. All it needs is a small trigger for them to come out to throw stones at marketplaces, at security convoys etc.

    It speaks volumes for the restraint exercised by security forces that when unarmed boys throw stones at their vehicles, the armed forces personnel quietly suffer the assault and drive away. The social media and internet are full of such videos – clearly nailing the lie behind the effort to project security forces as ‘trigger happy brutes’.
    Lack of development is certainly a big issue here, but surprisingly no one is talking about it.

    Perhaps it is convenient to keep the separatist agenda alive and the law-and-order situation tense so that local residents never get the opportunity to ask their leaders about basic developmental work!
    Governance seems to be completely missing at ground level in the Jammu Kashmir, the valley included. The institutions of democratic functioning that have been effectively developed elsewhere in the country – for example Panchayati Raj – are totally missing in this state. A lot of public frustration stems from this reason.

    The core issues of development and corruption need to addressed seriously. That’s the only way to do away with misunderstandings of the past and disenchantment with the governments of the day.
    They had the panchayat elections recently and the turnout was nearing 40%.

    The governments also need to focus on the processes of integration and cultural exchange to create a positive social atmosphere.

    The bureaucracy, both at the state and central level, is still functioning with the mindset of mid-90s when terrorism was at its peak. The rules and procedures put in place then are no longer relevant now. The situation on ground has completely changed since then, and the governments now need to apply their mind afresh to techniques and procedures to handle the current scenarios.

    In fact, it’ll be a good idea for political leaders and bureaucrats to start talking directly to the people of the state, across all regions, instead of depending on the media for ground reports. The people of the state may be in pain, but there’s no doubt they are very much Indian.
    Things will change now.

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    Given the airtime wasted on Corbyn's trolling i guess a clarification was warranted.

    Can't help saying, i told you so! DOH!

    The guests in that show are playing to the gallery. Rishabh below has it right

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