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Thread: The Coming India-Russia Split

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monash View Post
    So why France as opposed to say Germany
    Because of history

    To the politicians in new delhi, both of them are clear NATO allies but in practice, when US imposed sanctions on India, they acted differently. Germany obeyed the American command but France did not.

    Similarly, when the Americans restricted its allies from transfering urgently needed munitions to India during the Indo-Pak war, the Israeli's disobeyed the american command and proceeded with the transfer.

    Politician's in New Delhi saw this and understood easily that the Americans and their relationship with their allies(poodles) was complex. This is why india follows a bizzare procurement policy which lasts years. Essentially, the indian politicians are trying to spot a state that refuses to be circumvented by the americans in crucial periods.
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    Russia's arms sales to India still make up 62% of the total. They're sitting pretty, for now. US sales to India grew 557% to make up 15%

    China is biggest arms supplier to India’s neighbours, US sales to Pak drop 76% | The Print | Mar 12 2018

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    What is Russia's foreign policy about these days ? Competition with the west

    Though this could be more of Putin thing than a Russia thing. In which case it lasts till 2024

    So who would be suitable partners for Russia ? China is top of that list. This is already plenty.

    To which could be added Iran, Turkey & Pakistan. A motley crowd of quasi to authoritarian

    The India - Russia relationship prospered because they saw us through a cold war lens.

    No more cold war, they've moved on and this changes the way they see bilaterals and by extension the relationship with India

    Questions are

    - at what point does an increasingly anti-west stance by Russia complicate things for India
    - at what point does a closer Russia China relationship mean a diminution of India concerns by Russia

    So you see there are limits to this relationship that are not of our making and over which we might not be able to influence.

    We balance China with the US and the US with Russia and this curves back to China too or used to in the past.
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