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No Sir the Senate did not "elect Pompey" (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus being the man and Pompeii being the town) it appointed him as their General to defend the Republik after Caesar broke the law by crossing the Rubicon with his legions while Consul. The Senate never elected Consuls though Senators could vote. The election of Consuls was open to all citizens and not the Senate alone. Some political posts were for the Senate to appoint such pro - Consuls or regional Governors. The Tribunes, the one official post Augustus held after becoming 'Emperor', were also elected by 'plebeians' not the Senate.
Oh please. Then, more so than now, those with money determined the election. Bribes were flowing left, right, and centre. The Senate determined who was elected.

As such, Pompei was not eligible since he had legions and a governorship that has yet to be finished. And let's be very clear about this. Caeser was not a criminal until his term of governorship in Gaul was up. Pompei already had his legions in Italy on his dime to vote for him. So to accuse Caesar of a crime is to ignore Pompei's criminal actions.

Get off that schtick. It has nothing to do with Trump who was legally elected and not through by hook or by crook.