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Thread: 2018 American Political Scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by astralis View Post
    so, uh, is this "murdering" the red states or merely a savage beating?
    Savage beating... Hopefully those close to him will let him know just how regressive general fuel taxes are vs say truck fuel taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironduke View Post
    Looks like Trump is proposing a 25/gal increase in the federal fuel tax.

    Which would bring the federal tax per gallon to 43.4 for gasoline and 49.4 for diesel. Add in the state average, 31 per gallon, and we're looking at an average of 74.4/gal for gasoline, and 80.4/gal for diesel under his proposal. Not that far off from the $1/gal mark.
    The GOP would lose a lot of states if they implemented a gas tax hike on the heels of millionaire tax cuts. I live on a state line and a lot of people on the other side drive into our area routinely to fill up because our gas is 25 cents cheaper per gallon precisely because of the tax differential. The amusing part is that most of our gas gets delivered to us from their state, but their state charges them more than ours at the pump.

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