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Thread: RIP Dick Landgraff (RustyBattleship)

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    RIP Dick Landgraff (RustyBattleship)

    I didn't see anything posted here other than a quick reference to Mr. Landgraff's passing in the "Ask An Expert" thread

    I never knew Dick, but I was always so impressed by his wealth of knowledge and good humor. His book is sitting on my shelf right now. The love for his craft and the passion he dedicated to it was inspiring. The fact that nobody's like us could ask questions and have someone of his caliber and experience take the time to answer them was such a privilege.

    I guess the Iowas really aren't coming back now :-(

    Best wishes to Dick's family, and may he rest in peace after a long, productive, fruitful life marked by decades of service to this country.
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    Jeez, that's upsetting. Rusty was the person who inspired me to complete my model Missouri in the level of craftsmanship that I used. He was also instrumental in hooking me up with the curator at the USS Missouri Museum to see about displaying the model. It never came to pass since I was unable to figure a way to get it there. His phenomenal depth of knowledge of all things Iowa class was legendary. He will be sorely missed.

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    So sorry to heart that. He came across as a true patriot and I agree with ArmorPiercing88 that it really was quite a privilege to have my amateurish questions fielded, seriously by someone who'd spent a lifetime acquiring his expertise. I immensely enjoyed reading his words and will greatly miss his posts. My best wishes to his family and those near to him.

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    Just saw something on another thread and hated to see this. Damn he seemed like a great guy and a wealth of information. Sad to see but at least he's with his wife. RIP sir, you will be missed.
    RIP Charles "Bob" Spence. 1936-2014.

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    Very sad news indeed.

    My most sincere condolences to his family.

    Fair winds and following seas, Sir !

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