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  • Appeasement in the form of recognition and aid

    1 7.14%
  • Strategic Patience - Neither negotiation nor military action

    9 64.29%
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Thread: The Korean Dilemma

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    Peanuts for peanuts but some people want to believe its diamonds for peanuts : )
    A peanut is intrinsically worth more than a diamond though.

    Peanuts are nutritious and chock full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Diamonds are just rocks that people got scammed into buying because supposedly, he doesn't love you unless he gets you diamonds. The bigger the diamond, the more he loves you. Used to be one month's salary for an engagement ring, and now it's two. Soon, no doubt, it will be three months, or even six.

    Try selling a diamond back to the store you bought it from. They won't take it, or even give you an offer on it. You'll be lucky to get 20 cents on the dollar from a pawn shop for it.

    Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? - The Atlantic, Edward Jay Epstein, February 1982
    The Diamond Myth - The Atlantic, Stuart Reid, December 2006
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    What I don't want to see is the Bills winning a Super Bowl. As long as I'm alive that doesn't happen.

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