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Thread: Unauthorized salvage of Pre-1945 shipwrecks

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    Unauthorized salvage of Pre-1945 shipwrecks

    There was a comment in the Indy thread about the ship being out of the range of salvage operations, rather then hijack the thread I thought I'd post a new topic. Right now, quality pre-1945 steel is in demand (and apparently bringing good money) for specialized uses such as internals for radiation detectors and manufacturing of certain components in medical equipment. Seems that steel made 1945 or after is unsuitable for a number of specialized applications due to presence of low level radionuclides. So, for manufacturing only the older metal can provide the source materials necessary. The fact that complete shipwrecks (most all war graves) are being "erased" is alarming, but with next to zero resources for monitoring these sites, we can probably expect this to continue if not accelerate into the future. Anything shallow-water not within the US sphere of influence is probably at risk.

    Older article, but still valid information;

    I had seen references to salvage at the Prince of Wales and Repulse wreck sites, but wasn't aware that complete ships were now just.... gone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by elc32955 View Post
    complete shipwrecks (most all war graves)
    The scuttled German fleet at Scapa Flow - not war graves - has been used for this for decades.

    Although - for real low-background materials one has to salvage ships quite a bit further back than 1945:

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