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Thread: Hi all, Chogy back....

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    wow! welcome back!!! :-)

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    Missed you pal.

    Glad you are back. We can tag team in the F-35 thread on the naysayers & near-do wells.

    Actually was thinking of you last weekend when I was doing a whirlwind tour of the new-ish Smithsonian Air & Space museum near Dulles airport.

    Glad to see you back in train.
    “We had been hopelessly labouring to plough waste lands; to make nationality grow in a place full of the certainty of God… Among the tribes our creed could be only like the desert grass – a beautiful swift seeming of spring; which, after a day’s heat, fell dusty.”
    ― T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph

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    Isn't Chogy Korean for sweatheart or cutie?

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    hi chogy , welcome back

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