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Thread: Border face-off: China and India each deploy 3,000 troops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    We did not. Those places are on Indian maps since 1905, when maps were issued, and Nepal knows that since then. It's at the behest of China.

    Kalapani is where Nepal/Indian/Chinese borders meet. Even if that area is Nepal's, should we give it to Nepal (?), so that the communist government in Nepal gifts it to China? Slice and dice. Sorry, Nepal, NO.

    Just give Nepalese people living in India 24 hours to move back to Nepal, and see if China accepts them in their territory. Being soft is what gave these clowns sitting on our periphery such troll ideas. Respect needs to be created with force in geo-politics.
    I figured if these people want to do a swap we can accomodate them in other areas but anything strategic as you mentioned isn't on the table.

    Some of the people i interacted with were hinting at taking India to the ICJ over this. I don't beleive that will happen.

    We've cracked the whip on them twice, in '88 with Rajiv and in 2015 with Modi. They call it an economic blockade. We do not.

    Blockade involves using the military. No military was used. But road traffic was halted and caused shortages.

    Soft economic coercion if you want to call it that.

    Testy relationship with this lot and has been that way since the 60's.

    I frequently tell these people to be like Bhutan. A small state managed to develop Hydro and gets a good return on it.

    But that does not work with Nepal, they seem to think we're perpetually short changing them.

    The hydro potential in Nepal is many fold but attempts to develop hydro got no where in the early 2000's.

    At some point we were giving them free electricty at the expense of our own instead of it being the other way around.
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