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    Little Grape graduated Basic Military Training. The wife and I had a great time in San Antonio. Like a week before the hurricane. Although they didn't get any of it.

    After watching the 2 day graduation thing that the Air Force does. Coin ceremony on one day, Graduation parade the next, If there is a hell, then Marine and Army SNCOs go to Lackland AFB to watch the cat rodeo for eternity. Does the AF even have a Drill and Ceremony Field Manual?

    He didn't make Honor grad. Messed up on his written test. He was , however, the Series (Flight?/ Group that graduated that week) high shooter on the range. With a perfect score!!!!!

    In the Corps that would have got him a meritorious promotion to E-2. In the USAF, not even a mention, except for his MTI telling me when we toured his dorm, an a marksmanship ribbon.

    I did give him a hard time about graduating boot camp and already wearing 3 ribbons. Let him know it took years for me to get that many. And I had to get shot at to do it.

    He is at Sheppard AFB becoming a "Super Wireman" MOS 3D1X7 Cable and Antenna Systems. Where he is learning, According to the AF website
    Installs, maintains, reconstitutes, removes, and modifies copper core, coaxial, waveguide, and fiber optic cable and antenna systems. Climbs antenna support structures and wooden poles to various heights for maintenance and installation actions on cable and antenna systems. Installs and maintains dedicated local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) media distribution systems, including distribution system interior wiring. Uses drawings, task lists, instructions, and technical data to work on copper core, coaxial, waveguide, fiber optic cable, and antenna systems. Installs distribution equipment. Terminates copper core and fiber optic cables on main distribution frames and interface equipment. Operates and performs maintenance on tools, test equipment, auxiliary equipment, and vehicles such as backhoes, trenchers, cable trailers, cable reel trucks, and antenna construction vehicles.

    Locates, repairs, and replaces faulty closures in copper core, waveguide, coaxial, and fiber optic cable systems. Performs pneumatic troubleshooting to locate faulty splice closures and demivalve assemblies. Excavates and backfills splice pits. Seals cables, repairs demivalves, and adjusts pressure transmitters and contactors.

    Installs and maintains aerial cable support structures such as pole line and suspension strands. Installs underground cable, uses duct rods, cleans cable duct systems, prepares the pulling apparatus, and pulls in and temporarily bonds cable. Installs, maintains, and marks path of buried cable systems.
    So he will have a job with the telephone/cable company if nothing else when he gets out.

    he is in good hands while at Sheppard. Has a Marine Gunny as a instructor.

    I remembered this thread because he called me last night. They got their orders. The lucky devil is going to Kadena.

    I assured him that he would have a blast. I spent over 4 years on Okinawa as a single Marine. The Marine Corps had to drag me off the island. Kicking and screaming all the way to the "Freedom Bird".

    I will definitely have to go visit
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    Its called Tourist Season. So why can't we shoot them?

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