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    He did it

    Today was Little Grapes last day as a high school student. Extremely proud of the Kid. He hasn't made less than a B since 3d grade. Not an athlete, which is fine by me. But a member of the Math Club, Physics club,STEM club, National Honor Society, Computer club, and at graduation will be 20 credit hours away from a AS degree.

    Back around Nov, I started noticing a change in him. He was trying to decide which engineering field to major in, we submitted his FSA application and were talking about taking the ACT for a second time.

    Then the Friggin recruiters came to the school for Senior Career Day. And he asked me if it would be a good idea to take the ASVAB. Just to get use to taking test.

    Then in Jan, he and I were looking at a few packets from various schools when he hit me with " I want to take a break from going to school." " I hear the stories from you and mom about all the places you have been and I would like to see the world before locking into a career/life". I had no argument to counter that.

    The only thing that I insisted was that when he went to see the recruiters I would accompany him. To call Bullshit when I saw it. So we went to see all 4 recruiters. I did tell him that there was no way I would let a son of mine join one of the branches. He ships for boot camp at the end of June.

    Any guesses on which service he will become a member of?
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    Congratulations and good luck to your son, Gun Grape.
    [I was hoping the answer would be NASA (lol)] ...but the "I'd like to see the world" sure reads as USN.

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    Congratulations to young Grape. I know your wife and you must be immensely proud. It appears he worked his tail off in school and that sort of drive seems increasingly rare. Betting he'll be a success at whatever he chooses in life.
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    Congrats to the Young Man.

    And regardless of the service he chose (you did say Boot Camp so I am assuming USMC) I am sure he will be a fine Soldier/Marine/Sailor. I didn't say Airman because I consider the USAF an ally.
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    Congratulations GG. Proud day for you & Mrs Gunny. You have obviously raised a fine boy who will be a credit to his family & his country.

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