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Thread: Ex-FBI Director Mueller appointed DOJ Special Counsel

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    Kostya from the GRU (now indicted by Mueller):

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABs_OOE View Post
    The only lesson from the English Civil War, as in all wars, is might makes right. One tyrant replaced another tyrant and nobody dared life a finger against Cromwell and nobody punished those in the Rump Parliament for an illegal vote.

    As been said, it's a non-starter. Trump may be able to pardon himself but he cannot stop impeachment. Same shit. Different bowl.
    And any pardon would only apply to Federal Law. The State of New York would have jurisdiction over anything dome in Trump Tower that the State AG (whomever it becomes) could indict many of the Trumpinistas.
    “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
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    Manafor heading to the clink pending trial.

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    Full article:

    Judge sends Paul Manafort to jail, pending trial

    Washington (CNN)Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will await his trial for foreign lobbying crimes from jail.

    Two weeks after Robert Mueller's prosecutors dropped new accusations of witness tampering on him, a federal judge Friday revoked Manafort's current bail, which allowed him out on house arrest.

    Judge Amy Berman Jackson's order marks an end to months of attempts from Manafort to lighten his house arrest restrictions after he was charged and pleaded not guilty to foreign lobbying violations.

    Three US marshals led Manafort out of the courtroom into the prisoner holding area immediately after the judge's ruling. He was not placed in handcuffs. Before he disappeared through the door, he turned toward his wife and supporters and gave a stilted wave.

    Minutes later, a marshal returned to give his wife, Kathleen, still standing in the courtroom's front row, Manafort's wallet, belt and the burgundy tie he wore Friday.

    When Manafort was first arraigned and pleaded not guilty in October, a magistrate judge set a $10 million bail price and placed him under house arrest, confiscating his passports. Manafort then attempted to find assets of his own and through real estate and family members' accounts. In December, the judge signed off on his plan -- provided he could provide the correct documentation. It didn't come through, according to the court filings.

    Prosecutors have argued all along the jet-setting political consultant was a significant flight risk. As the process to negotiate his bail dragged on, prosecutors discovered possible mortgage fraud related to some of the properties he hoped to use as bail. That's when they finalized additional federal criminal charges against him in Virginia.

    In the past month, Manafort finally came up with a plan to post some of his own and others' properties for his bail. The prosecutors appeared to agree with the plan, according to court filings.

    Then, last week, Mueller's team alleged they found evidence Manafort had tried to tell possible witnesses in his case to lie about their lobbying efforts under him in the US.

    The witness tampering allegations, which also resulted in new criminal charges, were enough Friday for him to lose his house arrest privileges.
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    Pertinent to this thread.

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