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Thread: Director Comey fired

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfgun View Post
    Comey had no place in Government service.
    JD University of Chicago
    NYC DA’s office prosecuting Gambino family
    Khobar lead prosecutor
    South New York City Attorney
    Deputy Attorney General.

    If Mr Comey isn’t qualified for public service, I’d love to know your thoughts on POTUS
    Trust me?
    I'm an economist!

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    Unless it is a recent mutation? He (Comey) just never got caught cheating before.
    As one that has made a career in the CJS, nothing disgusts me more than those that take unlawful or just plain sloppy unprofessional shortcuts. Their existence within the CJS is a disservice to society.
    Now he is providing a disservice within academia at William and Mary.
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