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Thread: The battle of Brexit!

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    I was listening to a podcast yesterday that I would recommend to you all. He said his daughter picked up something with symptoms like C19 in Jan. She picked it up while at Uni and the authorities there did not seem to have a clue. She described the experience like a 5 day hangover. We had a student from Oxford return to India and he ended up getting a hospital shut down because he was infected and refused to self isolate.

    Clueless at Oxford Uni. The virus was spreading on campus since at least Jan.

    Tom Winnifrith podcast: I'm now self isolating as my daughter gets Coronavirus and why the Government statistics are total fantasy | Mar 17 2020

    Tom Winnifrith podcast: saying what no one dares to say about Coronavirus | Mar 21 2020

    Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast number three - what would my late Uncle Christopher Booker have made of the pandemic? | Mar 24 2020

    Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast number four- have up to 50% of us caught it already? Not even an expert like Richard North knows | Mar 25 2020

    late Uncle Christopher Booker may be known as the grandfather of Brexit

    Quote Originally Posted by snapper View Post
    I think (and hope) that one positive of this whole virus pandemic outbreak is likely to be a form of return to rational Government - at least in the UK and hopefully in the US too. Enough of this "bulldog spirit" (or "we are the best") rubbish - no 'spirit' - no matter what it's type (Yank or Brit) saved a person from a viral infection. PPE, ventilators and a vaccine may but scientific methods and testing are the only way forward.

    The UK was apparently invited to join an EU enterprise to get ventilators some time ago. The first excuse they wrongly gave was that "We are no longer EU members so we're going to do our own thing" which is factually wrong as the UK does not leave the EU until December 31. The second excuse was that the UK Government didn't notice the email inviting them to join this EU scheme. Then it apparently turned out they had got and read the email but didn't react to it - doubtless some 'bulldog spirit' or something of the like the previous night - result is deaths are rising in the UK and Dominic Cummings is infected along with BoJo. Some of these irrational self populists will hopefully pay the full price for their lies.
    You may have turned but i recall one lady who was not for turning.
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    Sir Kier Starmer elected leader of the Labour Party. They may finally have one adult in charge of British Political Party.

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