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Thread: The battle of Brexit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parihaka View Post
    I know. FPTP isn't that big a deal, I've voted through several elections with it.
    Labour only needs a minor swing to take govt, a re-energised anti-brexit vote will do that for them.
    FPTP biases against small parties, not large ones.
    It'll be 1983 all over again. Probably worse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironduke View Post
    There are tens of millions of people still living lives in these towns and cities in the US, that never came back economically. Alternating between marginal employment, underemployment, unemployment, and welfare. I'm sure there are regions of Europe where it is the same.
    We do have that, but for the most part that's not tied to a decline of industry per se. The rust belts in Europe have unemployment rates in the 10-15% region (i.e. not that high), with some structural societal decline, but in comparison to the US these are all somewhat differentiated in how, when and to what extent they decline; tied to being in different countries that have handled that differently. These rust belt areas are for the most part evident that way in Britain and Germany, to some lesser extent in Belgium and northern France and very marginally in northern Spain.
    Britain in particular in this regard has the problem of real centralization; every build-up, every investment pretty much goes to Greater London, while the smaller towns around e.g. Birmingham and such tend to slowly die off. Germany effectively has two rust belts that it supports highly differently - the Ruhr area and East Germany; the East is in structural decline with ongoing emigration for the past 25 years, while the Ruhr doesn't see that but remains stable.

    Structurally really economically challenged areas in the European Union are different. South Spain with its 10 million people - Andalucia has 35%+ unemployment rates! - for example never had industry, and while some recent developments (property bubble bursting) pushed them further down they've been in that state since WW2 pretty much. South Italy is much the same.

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