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Thread: Energy Transit routes and conflict

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    Which explains its importance
    Don't follow. The gulf is accessible by tankers, not inaccessible. A pipeline and having control over it means he is an important player

    Thing is Russia has gas and he supplies Europe already. The gulf isn't a competitor. Will go along with OPEC when its suits his interests but not beholden to them

    Being a murderous Bastard would be one good reason
    His country is major link in the shia crescent, Syria's location matters, this puts him at odds with the Israelis & the gulf arabs. The gulf arabs saw an excuse and tried to take him out.

    What would your opinion on that be?
    He's doubling down in Syria. Has a second base there

    The fighting might be at an end, now comes the aftermath
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    Don't follow
    I was emphasising the Gulfs importance due to its accessibility. We can pipe and ship with relative ease. Which is why it is such a key strategic area....that and the Suez canal of course

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