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Thread: Free Speech on College Campuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wooglin View Post
    You discount anything that doesn't support your worldview. We already know this, and I couldn't care less what you think about it, or what excuses you find to discount it. There's no hope for honest discussion with you, so cry to someone who cares.
    Pray tell what is my world view according to you? I don't believe I have ever expressed it here. What does your imagination say? I'm very curious since I read neither articles from the right or left which you knew already. Fact is you cannot have a discussion with anyone who is even centrist which is no surprise as I have heard the same comments from some on the left. That is good as pissing off both sides is what I like best and places me away from the two maddening crowds.

    How about those Warriors!

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    Which part of

    cry to someone who cares.
    ...did you not quite understand?

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    This discussion appears to have hit a brick wall and is going nowhere fast. Thread Locked.
    Far better it is to dare mighty things, than to take rank with those poor, timid spirits who know neither victory nor defeat ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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