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Thread: Free Speech on College Campuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    How the hell anyone would know outside of city hall is anyone's guess. City police do not come onto campus unless called upon. Campus police have always protected the buildings going back as far as I can remember. They will let you mess up the concrete Sproul Plaza but draw the line at trying to enter a building.

    Now once the action moved west down Bancroft to Shattuck, about five blocks, those people had no affiliation with the students at Sproul Plaza. They were the anarchists that Phil Matier described as having poles and heavy duty plastic signs aka shields. From my point of view, farther away, I thought they were 2x4s. Either way a weapon brought to the scene for one purpose only. Why the City Police of Berkeley were not out in force at that point beats me.

    The meeting ground for the group I assume is digital. If you are going to infiltrate then you need to be between 18-30 and male.
    So, it's a fail of the LEO's and campus security?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doktor View Post
    So, it's a fail of the LEO's and campus security?
    Well not campus police. One, they really aren't trained in that kind of crowd control. Two, there isn't a lot of them. Third, with most across the imaginary line along Bancroft, the sidewalk, it is out of their jurisdiction. As for the City of Berkeley one could make a good case as to why they weren't out and I'm sure damaged businesses are.

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