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Thread: Why Trump should be President

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankie View Post
    Sigh same old bullshit excuses
    So you clearly don't understand how coalitions work.

    Neither the tory party nor the Lib Dems won.
    Parties make manifestos where they promise what to do if they win power. They cannot implement these if they don't win the election.
    The Tories won 306, Labour won 258 the Lib Dems won 57.
    The coalition was approximately 82% tory, 18% Lib dem.
    Therefore the Tories get to implement about four fifths of their manifesto and the lib dems one fifth of theirs.
    So why do you demand that the Liberals should implement their manifesto when:
    1) They didn't win the election
    2) They didn't have the power to do so

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    You AGAIN clearly vote for 100 % proven liars , yay way to go huh .

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    Trump making bold moves on the norks.

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