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Thread: EU break-up no longer unthinkable

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    Well at least The Donald seems impressed with Theresa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zara View Post
    Let's be honest the reason for the hatred and death threats against her is not her sex nor her ambiguous ethnicity, it's because she ran afoul of the greatest sin for the 52% - being foreign.
    Is that your honesty then , or just another tiresome jibe coz you lost , sooooooooooo 17.5 million are racist xenaphobes huh , I WARNED YOU BEFORE ABOUT CALLING ME THAT , AS IM IN THE 52 % ,,,,, STFU

    Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt, and being REAL gets you hated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedicabby View Post
    Well at least The Donald seems impressed with Theresa.
    He's probably just flabbergasted how much she doesn't look like the one who was announced by the White House for the visit - Teresa May.
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    And every time it just devolves into a brexit bremain hate fest.
    In the realm of spirit, seek clarity; in the material world, seek utility

    Gottfried Leibniz

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