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Well let's look at a few other things. Men get prostate cancer at a much higher rate than women.
Thats like saying women get cervical cancer at much higher rates than men... they are both gender specific cancers, both are covered by all plans.

Young men tend to participate in riskier behavior than young women.
Again traumatic injury is covered for both. Whatever extra burden young men add is offset by other areas where women use more healthcare dollars.

And oh yeah...that whole erectile dysfunction thing.
ED is a medical condition, thats why it is caused dysfunction.

Covered under all plans.

Birth control pills for women...not so much.

Because we have to care about the unborn but we don't want to prevent them.
We should not be covering anything that is a basic and routine maintenance purchases; it drives up cost. it doesn't matter if its birth control pills or olemeprazole, its not spmething that insurance should pay for. You can't have an aging population, large numbers of sicker than native born immigration, ad an ever expanding list of covered services and control cost. Not even forcing healthy people to pay disproportionate rates will save such a system. If we want to provide care for the real medical emergencies, we need to stop providing non-emergency care. Make BC an OTC drug like the GERD meds I take daily, then pass a law that any OTC drug must have a co-pay 3x the OTC price.