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Thread: 2017 American Political Scene

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    A mall ban is usually a photo on a bulletin board above the coffee maker (but this was 40 years ago [“allegedly”] it would be a percolator).
    If a matter was adjudicated in a court room there would be actual documentation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zraver View Post
    Actually, Franken's main accuser has been slut shamed on MSNBC and other outlets... Seems the fact she once posed nude means she can be harassed at will be Dem politicians. or should Moore apologize if he is innocent. That is like asking him if he stopped beating his wife, it presupposes his guilt. Franken is more than scummy, its false remorse, he has a history of dehumanzing women and now credible allegations it was all talk.
    You are busy defending a guy who hits on teenage girls half his age or less and the people who are piling on to his accusers, so your interpretation of 'slut shaming' and 'harassed' don't have much currency. Links please.

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    Forget patriotism.
    The last refuge of scoundrels is defending pedophiles.
    Trust me?
    I'm an economist!

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    I obviously do not know if these allegations are true or not but the right course of action for an honest person would be to sue for libel and stand aside until your name is cleared. Has Trump ever sued any of those who alleged he molested them as he said he would?

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    It is now Representative Coyers turn in the sex perpetrator hot seat.

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