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Thread: 2017 American Political Scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    I think one would find if they look back far enough they would see Trump going negative on the press first. That would be typical Trump MO. He will try to set the tone and he will try to intimidate. He did it with the Hispanic judge handling a law suit. He is doing it with Mueller right now. In another day and another time he would send Luca Brasi out to have a talk with you. So the fact that the press went negative on him is to be completely expected. Fight fire with fire.
    Ah, the "he started it" defense. So the press is basically acting like a slighted child lashing out because "waaaah, he started it!"? Ok. Fight fire with fire... how mature. Can't imagine why you guys keep losing elections.

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    This week at least, he seems to want to slash social benefits from the poor so as to be able to hand sacks of cash to the rich /QUOTE]

    Lets assume that the health care bill does pass. In what possible way does taking less of someones money in taxes equal handing them sacks of cash? That money already belongs to them. It merely reduces the transfer of wealth from producers to takers. The poor don't pay for Mediciad, its a giant give away for them from the rich and it does diddly squat if you look at health outcomes.

    Typical liberal, equating not taking what does not belong to you with giving them something. it was theirs already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wooglin View Post
    So the press is basically acting like a slighted child lashing out because "waaaah, he started it!"?
    Who started questioning Mueller's fitness for the job of special counsel? Trump has done nothing but slag off everyone, from allies to the IC - except strangely the Muscovite kleptocracy.

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