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Thread: 2017 American Political Scene

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    i'll leave you with the last word as we're starting to talk around each other, but let's look at this statement:

    You're using the fact that trump isn't a typical politician as an excuse or justification for 'news' outlets being blatantly bias and negative.
    you're using some euphemisms here. he's not a "typical politician", for instance. to some extent, this is true: typical politicians will say technically correct things or be careful to craft their words so they're not caught blatantly lying.

    but Trump, having no sense of shame whatsoever, -will- blatantly lie. and he'll lie in a constant stream of tweets, each of which will be reported in the news.

    so the media will accordingly pick this up, and report on the lie, and this is now considered "negative".

    if Trump actually wanted less negative media, it would be very easy for him: he would merely need to stop tweeting. as a bonus: get staff to check to ensure he's not saying a blatant falsehood. it would certainly slow down the constant media churn. but that's not him. Trump -revels- in negative media, precisely because he believes it fires his supporters up. he has no interest whatsoever in being less inflammatory.

    Unless there were follow up tweets or comments from him actually making the claim, which is more than possible I have not followed every report/comment/tweet/response or what have you on that one? if so, then I apologize for the comment if its not true.
    you don't need to. i said he "heavily hinted" at it, which is a correct statement. it's also why he felt the need today to actually SAY that he doesn't have the tapes...because he said a while ago that he would make a grand reveal on whether or not he has tapes.

    so this will drive media articles into why Trump felt the need to heavily hint that he had the tapes in the first place, or why Trump wanted to dangle this out if he didn't actually have tapes, etc etc etc. which are all relevant questions.
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    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."- Isaac Asimov

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfng3569 View Post
    and yes, the liberal bias is certainly a primary driver of it.
    Trump is no conservative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfng3569 View Post

    For the youngsters out there, once upon a time, CNN was pretty much down the middle. The fledgling network covered news real news, not fake news and worked hard to be on site wherever news was happening. When something happened, that was the place to go.

    I figured you would bring that up which shows how very far you are out from the middle. I can't stand Trump so does that make me a leftist? The fact that I have felt that way for 40 years still make me a leftist or just someone who recognized a supreme jackass back in 1975. Apparently I am not the only one to recognize that although most are later to it then me and some other New Yorkers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper View Post
    Trump is no conservative.
    Bingo. Someone gets it. Trump is, and has always, been about ratings and getting people to look at him. He would, and does, do anything that can garner attention over the decades. People are fools to think he is about America instead of the fact that he has been all about himself since a kid. He is an opportunist through and through.

    This is what he lives for...

    Muilenburg told reporters: "It was a terrific conversation. Got a lot of respect for him. He's a good man. And he's doing the right thing."
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