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Thread: Trump's Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikie View Post
    President Trump seems to care little if at all about what the American snoopy agency is doing in Europe, in Ukraine in particular. I came across this stuff and I was really amazed at CIA officials being so intensely involved into matters of the country so much distanced from the USA. I'm half Russian and so I could read it, about the attack on ex-MP of the Russian parliament Voronenkov. There are Ukrainian nationalists are real beasts prone to sadistic ways. At least they are reputed to be such ones in Poland nowadays. Far as I got it CIA officers have been highly supportive of them in Ukraine these days, employing them for their purposes vs. Russia. It's no good imo.
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    At the climate talks in Bonn, Germany today (Nov. 7), the Syrian government announced that it will sign the Paris climate agreement after all, according to Climate Tracker. Last month, Nicaragua also signed up.

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