I think we should use this thread to recommend to each other podcasts we may like and want to share with fellow Wabbers.

One I recommend is called American Military History Podcast http://americanmilitaryhistorypodcast.com/

Done by a young man as a labor of love, it is very well done and provides nice, concise analysis of various battles in American history. He is currently been working through the American Revolution. He lunches every Thursday and I can't recommend him enough.

The other is War Stories Podcast. It is done very professionally by a veteran and Army National Guard Engineer Officer who is just plain brilliant. He goes by the name of Angry Staff Officer and he is a member of the Military Writers Guild https://warstoriescast.com/

And if you are not following the Military Writers Guild, you are flat ass wrong. https://www.militarywritersguild.org/

So get listening and reading and expand your minds.

What do you recommend?