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Thread: KH-32 Cruise missle

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    KH-32 Cruise missle

    soooooo..... how effective of a threat is thing?

    'After the launch by the Tu-22M3, the missile climbs to 40 km, transitions to level flight, approaches the target and dives toward it. Since the Kh-32 has an inertial navigation system and a radar homing head, its accuracy is independent of GPS/GLONASS navigation satellite updates. Presumably, the weapon has a range of 1,000 km and a speed of 5,000 km/h at the least. The combination of speed and flight path makes it virtually invulnerable to enemy surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets.

    The new cruise missile is a derivative of the Kh-22 family that has been until recently the mainstay of the weapons suites of both the Tu-22M3 supersonic bombers and the older, now-decommissioned Tu-22M2s.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfng3569 View Post
    The combination of speed and flight path makes it virtually invulnerable to enemy surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets.
    Assuming the articles to be accurate it flies a high enough profile that the curvature of the earth won't hide it's approach, fast enough to be really hot with a big exhaust trail to light up on sensors from far away, but a bit slower than the older KH-22. It is only half the speed of a THAAD interceptor and less than a third as fast as an SM-3 Block IIA, both of which can knock down MRBMs/IRBMs traveling faster than themselves.

    I honestly don't see anything about such a cruise missile that would make it invulnerable or even particularly scary other than having a lower time to target compared to a subsonic sea skimmer like the 3M-54 Klub. Just looks like a modernized KH-22.
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