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Thread: Bees ground F-22

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    Bees ground F-22

    More or less: an "air wing" of bees took up residence on an F-22...

    I wonder, how long does it take for such a swarm to land and take over? Could this happen overnight? Or maybe the F-22 was parked for severall days?

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    Overnight? Takes a few minutes. The entire swarm arrives at once. The original nest is probably nearby in a hangar or tree - within 100-200 ft. From the pictures that's an intermediate cluster stop, i.e. a place where the swarming queen forms up the whole swarm while waiting for the scouts to report back on new sites for a nest (within a kilometer or so). The scouts then negotiate between each other until about 80% agree on the suitability of a site, which usually takes between a few hours and up to two days, and the swarm would then have left for the new nest.

    The F-22 was probably parked there for at least a few hours, otherwise the scouts wouldn't have identified it as a possible intermediate stop during preparation for the swarming. It's not that unusual for scouts to select cars or aircraft for a stop, including fighter aircraft at air bases.

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    Bees need air refueling.

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