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Thread: Dunkirk

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter View Post
    Saw it last night in an IMAX theater (not the full-sized version, unfortunately).

    Easily one of the Top Five war movies ever made, IMHO.

    Dunkirk is also proof that a PG-13, nearly bloodless, war film can be made that holds the audience enthralled from start to finish.
    I saw it last Friday and have to agree with Top....exceptionally well done. I mean the movie was incredibly tense...even though you knew damn well what the outcome was.

    Nice aerial work...CGI was very well done. And there was not much of it by reports.

    I think the coolest part that of the civilian boats in the movie 13 had actually participated in OPERATION DYNAMO.
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    Watched it yesterday. Fabulous!
    I went with the mindset of a lot of blood and gore, so I'm a bit disappointed, but overall Nolen is an alien. He gets better with every movie.

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    The first Chris Nolan film I viewed was Memento , a suspenseful crime drama starring Guy Pearce.

    This very haunting plot twist centered on murder, revenge and anterograde amnesia was Nolan directed and screenwritten. Coincidentally it was based on a screen plot and ensuing book written by his talented brother Jonathan.

    Though I haven't viewed it in years I highly recommend it if one can handle taut psychological crime genre with a truly a different plot twist.
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