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But that's not the only thing. The recent controversy stirred up by the Marcos family's ability to get the Philippine Supreme Court to have the ousted president's remains buried at the Heroes' Cemetery in Manila is more emblematic of what kind of worldview this family holds. There are plenty of rumors in Manila that the payoff per judge could be north of a billion pesos (+/-US$20M at today's forex rates) to have the assenting high court judges see through a majority vote (9-5) to get the burial done.
"Payoff per judge" is inaccurate; I typed in "a quarter of a billion" at first, then rounded the rumored figure up to the nine judges who voted in favor.

*Caveat: a lot of the info about monetary figures in my post is not going to be searchable, as they were heard from the grapevine, which no reporter in Manila would put in print. But I have to point out another factoid: Less than half a year in office, and Duterte's pledge to break the oligarchy already resulted in one Marcos daughter being 18-billion pesos richer: when Duterte publicly named-and-shamed Roberto Ongpin as an oligarch, the latter stepped down immediately as CEO and shares of his internet gambling company PhilWeb plunged, only to be scooped up at a 70% discount by Bongbong Marcos' sibling Irene Marcos-Araneta. Shares picked up after some clarification was made by authorities that it wouldn't be shut down for good. Easiest way to make ₱18-billion (+/-US$ 362M).