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Thread: 2016 Turkish Coup Attempt

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    The Turkish intelligence agency MIT has handed a list of 500 observation targets in Germany (300 individuals and 200 Gülen-related organizations) over to German counterpart BND, supposedly in an attempt to find support in their activities and sorta make them approved. The attempt to garner such approval follows arrests of several MIT agents in Germany over the past few weeks and months. The list consists of full observation files including in many cases covertly taken photos and such.

    Given recent developments, the BND - or rather, it's head, Bruno Kahl - instead forwarded the list to the government and counter-espionage agencies. Since then the targets have been informed, criminal police and counterespionage is on the lookout and the federal attorney has opened formal investigations - a step that in recent decades was pretty much reserved for the CIA only. Kahl - as head of the BND - is the same guy who previously publicly stated that Germany does not have any evidence whatsoever that the Gülen movement was involved in any way in the coup.

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    The list of observation targets include Michelle Müntefering, wife of former vice chancellor Franz Müntefering and herself both an elected Bundestag rep, chairwoman of the German-Turkish parliamentary committee and member of the foreign affairs parliamentary committee. For political parity there's also a CDU politician on the list.

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    One current line of thinking in security circles in Germany is that MIT might have handed over the list for counter-counter-espionage purposes; i.e. to discover counter-espionage efforts by German domestic intelligence by planting agents with supposed activity on that list, thinking Germany would send counter-espionage teams to evaluate people on the list. This - counter-counter-counter-espionage reasons - is also why most state domestic intelligence services handed the lists - in a simplified format - over to state police forces instead of risking their own staff.

    Walked by a "Hayir!" booth today advertising voting No on the referendum btw. Most Turks in the city don't risk being seen near it. The Kurdish booths not quite advertising for both PKK and Rojava that are usually in the same place tend to have a lot more people attending. And grim-faced, grey-haired Turks across the street watching who steps near those like hawk...err, wolves would probably be the better word.
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