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Thread: Kashmir unrest 2016

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    News update, J&K Minister Mahbooba with Home Minister Rajnath jointly clears the cloud to much extent by taking a clear and tough stand on rioters(backed by Pak) using children as shield.
    "People came on streets, we imposed curfew. Did the children go to Army camps to buy toffees (candy)? Was the 15-year-old boy, who attacked the police station at Damhal Hanjipora (in south Kashmir), going there to get milk? These miscreants want to get our children killed or blinded." She categorically stated that 95 per cent people want a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir problem and the remaining five per cent which is creating trouble will find themselves facing the full force of law because "stone-throwing won't bring peace".
    Recently India for the first time has given open support to Balochistan Freedom Struggle and Pak Occupied kashmir. This huge shift in foreign policy has taken Pakistan by surprise.

    In 1947 Balochistan was a free country for over 200 days until Pakistan annexed it forcefully. Since then 10,000's of Baloch have been killed in genocide and over 6,000 bullet ridden bodies have been found in Balochistan in recent years which is done by Pak Army.Tonnes of videos of torture are already there but Pak Army is in denial mode.
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