Kind of a follow-up question. The US military branches are organized according to training and operations (what I mean by this is that each branch is still somewhat independent - the Navy has ships and aircraft, the USMC has ground forces and aircraft, the Army operates it's own fixed wing aircraft, even the USAF has its own security forces. The Canadian Forces have environmental commands (air, land, maritime) although thankfully they have recently given back each command some of their unique history, traditions, and customs.

Are there prons and cons to each structure?

Does the environmental command structure only work for a smaller military like Canada?

Are there other organizational branch structures that appear to work well in other countries?

Would an environmental structure ever be able to work in a larger military (where the Army provides all ground/personnel combat forces, the air force operates all fixed-wing aircraft, ect.) or would the non-cohesion of the branches hamper training and deployment when you had to put all the pieces together for operations?

Any insights would be of interest.