So the 173rd Airborne Brigade was jumping into Hohenfels Training Area in Southeast Germany. The drop zone safety party decided to film it and provide color commentary. Which they do in wonderful American Soldier Language...

Watch the speaker volume...NSFW language!

Someone is in trouble at the riggers! One is frowned upon....4 borders on dereliction of duty.

So going with the old adage that any vehicle is airdroppable...once.

I had an old boss who commanded an armor company in the old 4th Battalion (Airborne), 68th Armor in the 82nd Airborne in the late 1970s when it was a Sheridan outfit. He had 2 hangar queens that he could not keep up and operational. He was getting his ass chewed regularly when he was scheduled to have his entire company do a heavy drop and jump. Somehow both of his hangar queens crashed and burned and were unsalvageable. He got 2 new rebuild Sheridans to replace the hangar queens.

He later found out the battalion maintenance technician had slipped the riggers a $100 a vehicle to have an "accident" occur.

I wonder if that is what happened here?