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Thread: Best Superbowl Ad?

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    Best Superbowl Ad?

    Advertisers spend millions of dollars for a coveted Superbowl Ad spot. So, what's the greatest Superbowl ad of all time?

    Here's my favorite - it's the pilot version for what would eventually air. Don't forget to file your TPS report cover sheet!

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    I thought the best one was the Budweiser commercial featuring the 3 frogs for the first time.

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    I remember going camping and fishing late at night drunk with two of my friends and saying that "Bud.....Weis....Er" for hours and pissing off the other campers.

    Also this commercial wasn't bad either:

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    Apparently the greatest Superbowl Ad of all time is the 1984 Macintosh launch.
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    If asked I would immediately come out with the 1984 commercial by Apple. If given a little longer I would next remember Budweiser. After those two no others make the all time permanent mark in my brain.

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