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Thread: Oil is at a 12-year low

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    I've been quite busy with RL - and have only had time for a few threads....

    In keeping with being a man of my word, and putting my money where my mouth is....

    I said I'd keep converting homes to LED in response to denialist posts, at my own expense, and I've converted two more homes to LED lighting.

    That brings the total to 24 residences converted over.

    Much like there is an Ice Bucket Challenge, I've decided to call this the LED/CO2 Challenge. Others are free to join me.

    Do you have a family member/friend using incandescents/CFLs yet? See what their needs are in terms of lumens and color temperature, and convert them over if you have the disposable income.

    Judging from the posts in this thread, I have about 10 more to do.
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