In researching USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) I have a question regarding the interior colors for the Main Deck level 5" gun rooms (located in the main deck level superstructure, not the newer 5"-38 gun mounts added after 1942). Photos of these areas are scant, at best, and usually in black & white. One photo I've found may or may not be of BB-38, but my guess is that the color scheme would be standard across the board. It's been ages since I was aboard OLYMPIA (if this would even apply) and I've never been aboard USS TEXAS, so if anyone who has any info or pictures (or actual data) can share, this would be appreciated. I am leaning towards three colors as possibilities - pea green, white, or haze gray. As magazines are painted white (or they were in the '60s) I'm leaning towards that, but would like to know for sure.