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Thread: US announces that all combat roles are to be opened to women

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    BTW one of the reasons we are doing this is the reduced pool of manpower available that can meet the enlistment standards required to man the force.

    Not to mention there have been ample examples of women doing direct combat operations on PRTs and Cultural Engagement Teams for the past decade.

    And those women Soldiers have been there at the specific request of the SOF units.

    They hump, keep up, return fire, kick doors, etc.

    But agreed, there will have to be a single standard.

    A good comment from the Rhino Den....
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    [QUOTE=gunnut;1000534] I have very high regards for Heinlein. I think he's one of the most brilliant authors of the 20th century.[QUOTE]

    I agree, I grew up reading his works and still think he is one of greatest authors in his field.

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    A population of 1 man and 100 women would grow exponentially faster than a population of 100 men and 1 woman. Of course the population of 100 men and 1 woman would literally dominate the population of 1 man and 100 women. That's just biology.
    After a few months alone with 100 women I suspect the 'one man' would be praying for the other tribe to come along and dominate his village.

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