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Thread: HMS Queen Elizabeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    This all sounds like budget constraints to me from the MOD
    Well the RN invented the angle deck, steam catapult and the big one the Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System. The ski ramp is in their doctrine and to change that would be expensive also isn't a response to abandoning the catobar late in the program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazed View Post
    Well with no ski ramp you have more area to arm fuel park and move air craft. Oh and the F-35 operate well above the v-22, helicopters envelope fuel economy and all. What they can't perform ops in a contested environment. I know we American are a simple some time pragmatic people they move aircraft. Like MH-53 and V-22 . The take off roll of all these aircraft don't take that long, but arming fueling etc do. The USN feels that the space not wasted on a ramp can be used for those activities.

    The RN is going for roll on landings with the F-35. that is going to cut into the available operating area on the QE. Vertical landing uses a lot less real estate but it cuts into endurance and bring back.

    I am just civilian but I imagine as all of the above. They launch the Helo first followed by the V-22 wait and than launch the f-35's
    All good info...I'm just wondering how you launch Helos as well as F35B's in a volatile environment from one Assault ship and not create unnecessary risks. I understand the limitations and the advantages of a Ski jump and the slow speed landing that you posted about and that was great info that no news program has told us about here in the UK. The other thing I realise is that the design of the America class of Assault ship is in flux because of the differing demands of this class of ship. Its meant to be an amphibious assault ship and yet the marine corp want the F35B...which is creating all kinds of problems with flight deck etc

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