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Thread: Blue Origin Rocket Successful Launch and Landing

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    Blue Origin Rocket Successful Launch and Landing

    The Seattle Times reported on November 26, 2015 that Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin project successfully launched and landed their privately financed rocket.

    Blue Origin also published a fun YouTube video about the event.

    In addition to lauding the significant technical accomplishment of a real privately financed rocket company, we might note that the article mentions that the Oboid charlatan Elon Musk was first in line to belittle the effort. Real commercial space companies pose a serious threat to SpaceX's bunco scheme.
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    Cool to see progress in reusable rockets! To be fair to the SpaceX guys, this rocket isn't a threat to their commercial business at this time.

    Reaching a 100km suborbital flight like Blue Origin did requires the rocket to reach a flight speed of 950 m/s. Reaching a 100km orbital flight requires the rocket to reach a speed of 7780 m/s or 8 times faster.

    Very different flight regimes, but the more competition in reusable rocketry the better.
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